Product Name:Rosemary Extract

Product Features:strong anti-oxidization, spectrum efficient; heat resistant, anti-septic, fresh retained; anti-oxidization effect better than BHA, BHT or VE; high quality products with color or odor removed, and of even, stable, instant characteristics available.

Application Industries: widely applied in vegetable fat, animal fat, fried nuts or seeds, fried flour products, prepared meat products, sauce halide meat products, smoked, roasted, or fried meat products, western ham, meat enema, fermented meat products, puffed foods, etc,

Product Appearance and application examples:

Source: :rosemary leaves
Property:light yellow to brown yellow powder, brown yellow liquid or paste.
Features: de-color & de-odorized, strong anti-oxidization, completely soluble in edible oil, heat resistant, not oxidized under 240℃
Specifications: fat-soluble powder, oil-soluble liquid or paste, water-soluble powder.


Application:animal or vegetable fat, meat, meat products, fried food, bakery, edible oil, flavored sauce, seafood, fried nuts or seeds, pet foods or feedstuff, cosmetics, medicine, health-care, etc.
Usage Method: with reference to manual.

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