Product Name:Beta Carotene

Product Features: Fuchsia, red, orange, yellow powder, no smell; easily soluble in water, oil soluble; excellent light and heat stabilization; stable within pH range 2.5 ~10.0.

Application Industries: with reference to GB2760

Product Appearance and application examples:

Source: Existing in fruits, flowers, vegetables and phycophyta, etc. in nature

1、30% oil suspension for health-care soft capsules, 5% beta-carotene dedicated for tablet & solid drinks, 3% beta-carotene dedicated for functional beverages.
2、2% beta-carotene (emulsion) dedicated for drinks –yellow shade, red shade: excellent light and heat stabilization
3、2% beta-carotene (high permeability) dedicated for drinks, yellow shade or red shade: strong heat and light resistance.
4、Other formalized products: 1%、2%、5%(emulsion)、1% beta-carotene powder etc. The bakery dedicated product is high temperature resistant.

Excellent light and heat stabilization, 5% less in usage than other competitive products of same specification.

Beta- carotene GT-01: stably maintain bright red, bright orange yellow or bright red.

Application fields:widely applied in bakery, beverage, functional drink, coating, compound seasoning, confectionary, flour product, frozen drink, cheese, dairy product, margarine, jam, cooked meat product, egg product, jelly, puffed food, etc.; Refer to GB2760 for specific application field and amount.
Usage Method: with reference to product manual.

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